Lisa J. Delaney is a trustworthy, hardworking advocate for her clients.  She is an expert in real estate law, particularly title examination, title review and title analysis.  I have known Lisa as her employee, her colleague and friend.  These terms are not mutually exclusive.  As her employee and friend, she motivated me to be a better attorney and title reviewer.  As her colleague and friend, she has been a valuable and supportive resource.  Lisa is always available for my calls on a tough title issue.  She listens intently and will take the issue through with me so that we both understand the issue and the resolution is evident to both.  As Lisa likes to say, we are friendly adversaries.  If a client needed assistance with a tough title issue that is beyond my knowledge or expertise, Lisa J. Delaney is the person to whom I would refer the client. – Barbara A. Emerson, Esq., Law Office of Timothy van der Veen, P.C., Marshfield, MA